1) Who saw the star?
2) How did the wise men know what the star meant?
3) Why did they go to Jerusalem first?
4) What question did the wise men ask when they reached Jerusalem?
5) Why was King Herod troubled at this saying?
6) How did the king find out where the Messiah would be born?
7) What favour did Herod ask of the wise men?
8) How did the wise men find their way to the place where Jesus was?
9) Who should we be seeking today?
10) What gifts did the wise men present to Jesus?
11) How do these gifts remind us about Jesus?
12) What is the greatest gift we can receive?
13) What warning did the wise men receive in a dream?
14) What did King Herod do when the wise men did not return to him?
15) What did the angel tell Joseph to do so Jesus would be safe?
16) What has Jesus done so our sins can be forgiven?
17) What do we need to do if we want to be in heaven?