The wooden hall being moved from Springhill to Coronation Park The brethren from Central Hall and Holborn Hall were both exercised (although at the time unknown to each other) about commencing a work on the west side of Bangor. They were successful in acquiring a tent which they pitched close to Springhill Shopping Centre, and a gospel outreach was started in the form of gospel meetings on Sunday evenings, children's meeting and Bible study on Wednesday evening. The work was blessed and after three months the tent was replaced by a wooden hall. After much prayer, regarding the acquirement of a permanent site, the Lord opened the way and in six months time, the wooden hall was moved about half a mile and placed on the new site.

The Lord continued to bless the new work and the numbers increased. The brethren of both Holborn and Central Hall, having encouraged those of their own assemblies living in the area to become involved in the work, they then thought the time had come to 'set up table'. These two assemblies recommended a number of brethren from each, to assume responsibility in the affairs of the proposed new assembly, and on the 29th of April 1973, forty-two brethren and sisters gathered to remember the Lord in the breaking of bread.

The wooden hall arriving at Coronation Park As the result of the Lord's continued blessing, a new brick building was erected, with an opening conference on September 1974 and the speakers on that occasion were J. Flanigan, J. Clunas and E. Jamieson. By this time a senior citizens' meeting had also been started, and after that a few more works were added, and these were in the form of door to door visitation on Sunday afternoons, gospel meeting once a month in an eventide home, sisters' missionary class and a sisters' morning fellowship, also a class for girls 5-11 and a teenagers' gospel meeting on Tuesday evening.

Due to declining membership in recent years, we have no longer been able to carry on some of these works. But we are thankful for the blessing we continue to see in the senior citizens' meeting, later renamed the 'Friday Special' meeting, as the first person saved through that work was a twelve year-old girl. The Sunday School work also continues to see much blessing.

The wooden hall and the caravan at the back where the tea was made for the Friday Special meetings We can look back over the past years and praise God for how He alone has so richly blessed the work. He alone is worthy as He has set His seal of approval on the work in the salvation of children and a good number of older people, some of whom have gone home to be with the Lord. We continue to look to the Lord for His blessing in the days that lie ahead in His will and in the words of the apostle we would say, “therefore my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know your labour is not in vain in the Lord”. 1st Cor. 15:58.