1. What does Zechariah's name mean?
2. Why were Zechariah and Elizabeth sad?
3. How did God remember Zechariah and Elizabeth?
4. Why do you think God waited so long before allowing Zechariah and Elizabeth to have a child?
5. Why does God not always answer our prayers straight away?
6. What can we be sure about God's promises?
7. What did Zechariah see when he went into the temple?
8. What message did the angel have for Zechariah?
9. What would be special about this child?
10. Why did Zechariah not believe the message?
11. What did he ask the angel?
12. What sign did the angel give Zechariah so he would know God would keep His promise?
13. What special purpose did God have for Zechariah's child?
14. Does God have a plan for our lives?
15. What did Zechariah's family suggest they call the child?
16. Why did the relatives not want his name to be called John?
17. What happened when they asked Zechariah what his son's name would be?
18. What did the people think when Zechariah was suddenly able to speak?
19. What do we have to do to get to heaven?