1. What offering did Abel bring to sacrifice to the Lord?
2. What offering did Cain bring to the Lord?
3. Why was the Lord displeased with Cain's offering?
4. How does Cain's offering remind us of our own efforts to try to be right with God?
5. Why did God ask for an innocent animal's life to be taken in place of the guilty?
6. Why was Cain angry?
7. What did the Lord say to Cain to try to comfort him?
8. What did Cain do when he was in the field with his brother Abel?
9. Who saw what Cain had done?
10. How does this remind us of our own sins?
11. What punishment did God give Cain for killing his brother?
12. Why can't God just forget about people's sin and let them into heaven?
13. What do we need to do to get our sins forgiven?
14. When is the best time for getting our sins forgiven?