1. Why did King Darius promote Daniel above the other presidents and rulers?
2. Why were the other presidents not able to find any fault in Daniel?
3. What did they say was the only way they could get Daniel in trouble?
4. What new law did the presidents draft for the king to sign?
5. Why is it more important to obey God than people?
6. What did Daniel do when he heard the new law was passed?
7. How did the king feel when he heard his new law had got Daniel in trouble?
8. Was the king able to find a way to stop Daniel going to the den of lions?
9. What does this show us about salvation and the forgiveness of sins?
10. What did the king say God would do for Daniel?
11. How did God save Daniel from the lions?
12. What did the king do when he saw how God had saved Daniel?
13. What do we have to do to be saved from our sins?