1. What did King Belshazzar ask to be brought to his feast?
2. What did the people at the feast do as they drank from the vessels of the Temple?
3. Why might this have displeased God?
4. Why should be thankful to God?
5. What did Belshazzar see near the candlestick?
6. What did the hand write on the wall?
7. What did Belshazzar promise to the man who could read the writing?
8. Were any of the wise men of Babylon able to read what was written on the wall?
9. Who told the king about Daniel?
10. What did Daniel remind King Belshazzar about?
11. What was the interpretation of the writing?
12. What did the king command should be done for Daniel?
13. What happened to King Belshazzar that night?
14. Why is it important to be saved as soon as we can?
15. When is the best time to be saved?
16. What do we have to do to get our sins forgiven?