1. What was Nebuchadnezzar doing when he had his dream?
2. Were the wise men of Babylon able to show the king the meaning of his dream?
3. Who was able to tell the king the interpretation of his dream?
4. What did the king see in his dream?
5. Why was Daniel troubled?
6. What was the interpretation of the king's dream?
7. Why should we always be thankful for what we have and enjoy in life?
8. What did Daniel suggest the king do?
9. What did Nebuchadnezzar say while walking through the city of Babylon?
10. What happened to king Nebuchadnezzar when he said this?
11. What did king Nebuchadnezzar realize after the seven years had passed?
12. What do we have to do to get our sins forgiven?
13. What did king Nebuchadnezzar do so others would know about God?
14. What should we do after we get our sins forgiven?