1. What is a prophet?
2. Why did God speak to people through prophets in the Old Testament?
3. Why did King Nebuchadnezzar attack Jerusalem?
4. What happened to Daniel and his three friends?
5. What names did they give Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah?
6. Why did they do this?
7. How might Daniel have felt being away from home?
8. What has Jesus promised those who have trusted in Him as their Saviour?
9. What did King Nebuchadnezzar ask his wise men to do?
10. What did the wise men ask the king to do first?
11. What did the king command should be done with them if they couldn't tell him the dream?
12. What did Daniel do when he heard about the king's command?
13. What should we do when we face difficulties in our lives?
14. Did God answer Daniel's prayer?
15. Who did Daniel say had revealed the king's dream?
16. What was the dream?
17. What was the meaning of the dream?
18. What did Nebuchadnezzar do for Daniel?
19. What do we need to to if we want to be in God's kingdom?