1. What is this story a picture of?
2. What did Abraham send his servant away to find?
3. What promise did Abraham ask his servant to keep?
4. What did the servant do when he arrived at the well?
5. Why is it important to seek God's will in our lives?
6. What did Rebekah say when the servant asked her for a drink?
7. What did the servant give to Rebekah?
8. What did the servant ask Rebekah?
9. How did he feel when he realized the Lord had guided him to the right place?
10. What did the servant say about Abraham and Isaac?
11. How does this remind us of the Lord Jesus Christ?
12. What did Laban and Bethuel say when the servant told his story?
13. Why did the servant want to return to his master quickly?
14. What did Bethuel and Laban ask Rebekah?
15. Why might this have been a difficult decision to make?
16. What decision do we have to make today?
17. Did Rebekah agree to go with the man?
18. Where was Isaac when Rebekah arrived on the camels?
19. What do we need to do to get our sins forgiven?