1. What did Abraham do when he saw the three men coming to him?
2. Who were the men?
3. What message did the Lord give to Abraham and Sarah?
4. Why did Sarah doubt what the Lord had promised?
5. Why did the Lord say she should not doubt?
6. What message did the Lord have for Abraham?
7. Why was Abraham worried?
8. How many righteous people did Abraham ask the Lord to spare Sodom for?
9. What did Abraham say the Lord should consider before destroying Sodom?
10. Why did the Lord not reject Abraham's many requests?
11. Will the Lord reject anyone who asks for forgiveness?
12. How many righteous people did God promise to spare Sodom for?
13. Where was Lot when the angels arrived in Sodom?
14. Why do we need to be careful what friends we have?
15. What happened when the people in the city heard about Lot's visitors?
16. What did the people say about Lot?
17. How did the angels save Lot and his family from being harmed?
18. Why did Lot's sons-in-law not believe the warning?
19. How was Lot not being a good witness to his family?
20. What warning has God given us in the Bible for today?
21. What did the angels tell Lot and his family to do to escape the judgment?
22. What do we have to do to be saved?